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Tin roof

Tin roof.

Genuine Tweets about Tin roof.

inquirerdotnet Makati City LOOK: Cows floated upwards as floodwaters mounted over the weekend in Gurye, a farming town in South Korea and scrambled to safety on the roofs of several houses and other buildings. 📷 Yonhap News Agency/AFP Photo Balanced News, Fearless Views. Updates on and from the Philippines. Smartphone Tablet Chat
JohnMoreyAuthor Martinez, CA @TonyTodd54 Tear the roof off... but the roof is on fire? But something about a hot tin roof? And a fiddler? Man, combining songs is confusing! Author of Blood Hound and the Lucy December Files | sometimes posts weird toys | might actually be a sentient jar of peanut butter
travcurrie Gibbons, Alberta @21jonny_ Went to Oakland...briefly. Checking in to hotel and saw Too Short park then walk right by with a brown bag and a video ho. His studio was right next door Didn't stay though. Opened blinds to see purse, cell, broken 40oz, & purple dildo tied to rope on a tin roof. Nasty room too Small town Alberta/ I miss my ma/ W-Ballz 187.4 on your FM dial/ @DallasStars/ #ForTheW /SF Giants/49ers/ Wu-Tang/ Best hockey player you never saw/ @foreverwha
justhekrust Tennessee, USA @trippytijeras15 @neelsauce dude f him like he straight up followed me to tin roof that night i thought it was a fed and then he hopped out and was rubbing all up on me live by the sun, love by the moon ; sky enthusiast ; Scorpio/Libra Cusp ; RIP Carter Wiseman
angelina_joele Georgia It’s raining and I have a tin roof. Oh and it’s bed time. YEEEE play knuck if you buck
Itslolomt Lexington, Ky I really thought I was going to be drunk throwing bottom at tin roof with @ayannaa_doll this summer 😂. I start my internship tomorrow and classes on Monday. What did I even do this summer besides eat? I just tweet a lot for like one hour of the day... EMAIL: Lauren.toussaint@yahoo.com| INSTAGRAM: @itslolomt | SNAPCHAT: itslolomt
OscarRunnerUp In the shadow of history And the winner is... Elizabeth Taylor — CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF — 143 points! ‘And the Runner-Up Is’ is the movie review podcast that highlights the likely runner-up in every Best Picture race! Hosted by @Kevin_Jacobsen
OscarRunnerUp In the shadow of history And the winner is... Paul Newman — CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF — 174 points! ‘And the Runner-Up Is’ is the movie review podcast that highlights the likely runner-up in every Best Picture race! Hosted by @Kevin_Jacobsen
eloisahilton USA Mood- need to write this piece. I need to work on my novel. I need to write more Maribelle and Jaxon. But fork, I have a story dying to come out. Speaking of Maribelle and Jaxon- go give a listen. It’ll make us both smile. Writer of the sexy things, custom story writer, freelancer, wife- #rewritingiswriting #5amwritersclub #WritingCommunity Podcast:
josephparente Pittsburgh, PA Ready for Copper at Whitney. Although, between the 23/32 Advantech Subfloor, Zip System tape and then the WIP 300, this could definitely weather the elements for a while. The old tin roof panels had opened up… Creative technologist building teams and transformational experiences. Craftsman. Aspiring urbanist. PA Registered Contractor #PA137348.
TerriPaddock London Check out the incredible supporting cast too, including #AlisonSteadman, #HenryGoodman and #PaulJesson. Did you know Elia Kazan made changes Cat on Hot Tin Roof's 1955 NYC premiere? @NationalTheatre returned to the original text 'preferred by the author'. #DudleysProgrammes Promoting UK #theatre since 1996. Runs @StageFaves @MyTheatreMates @StageTalkUK. Founded WhatsOnStage. Once wrote novels. Rants on #politics @TerriOnPolitics.
ElliottScribe Senate really wants to pass any second stimulus check and time it so it arrives RIGHT before November election. Reminds me of municipal elections in Managua when that week the FSLN would hand out large bags of beans, rice, and tin roof laminates Bylines: Guardian, VICE, Blizzard / Acentos Review, Barren Mag, Apogee, etc. 🇲🇽 🇳🇮🧉 #BLACKLIVESMATTER He/him, Vos/Hediondo. Husband. Dad. Hugger.
RyszWidelski @McDougallSophia Yep! Sat in a tin roof open garage I'm buttfork nowhere Somerset and loving the spangs as the bigger drops fall!
greeneyedbrahma Blue Ridge mtns,Va. @Yvetteinsc My great aunt still lives there so I still get to go, and yeah so many great memories, love to sit on that old front porch an on the glider listening to a thunderstorm with that tin roof..nice to still have that sometimes for sure...yep..she cooked on a huge wood stove LVT-#PTK USN VET.hubby.w/4 amazing biracial kids. @PigglesThe. #countryoverparty.#ptsd. #vetresistsquadron. #gohoos. #gunreform.#BLM.#FBR.🌎🐽🌱🌈ally
greeneyedbrahma Blue Ridge mtns,Va. @Yvetteinsc And she had a storm cellar underneath a building with a tin roof, a little scary down there that’s where all the jars went but it was nice to have went bad storms came through..They don’t know what you’re missing, poor souls😁 LVT-#PTK USN VET.hubby.w/4 amazing biracial kids. @PigglesThe. #countryoverparty.#ptsd. #vetresistsquadron. #gohoos. #gunreform.#BLM.#FBR.🌎🐽🌱🌈ally
camrynxcx she/her i live in a house 🏠 with a tin roof and every time it rains 🌧🌧🌧, i can feel my brain 😳🤯😳🤯 beach goth and advocate for sleeping in jeans. @thedbk diversions writer and assistant engagement ed ~ past: @voanews music library
HDI_Uganda Kampala, Uganda Four years ago, cooperative member ( Rebecca )imagined and dreamed of having the savings to build a 2-bedroom permanent house with a tin roof. Today, thanks to her membership with HDI, she is realizing that goal and building her dream house which is now 70% complete . An NGO,Community & Nonprofit Organization in #NorthernUganda empowering Women affected by War through #UGAgriculture.CEO is @AgnesApea #DrAgnesAtimApea4Amolatar
unit01barbie that “click in your brain” paul newman talks about in cat on a hot tin roof except it’s the day in august when the heat breaks and my executive function shudders back on ‘a vigorous but anarchic decadence’
eloisahilton USA New podcast is up! Come on over and listen to me read two of my favorite characters- Jaxon and Maribelle. Writer of the sexy things, custom story writer, freelancer, wife- #rewritingiswriting #5amwritersclub #WritingCommunity Podcast:
Wolfie_Rankin Melbourne, Australia I'd fallen asleep and dreamt I was a child at a poor live-in school, perhaps an orphanage? The buildings ringed a play area with a hard ground. There were toilets around it, a tin roof overhead, but no privacy to speak of. Wolfie Rankin, The Werewolf of Melbourne. (Just a big puppy really) #Therian #Greens #BLM #80s and @Jette_Rankin is my Malamute. Wear Your Mask!
JanetSkilton Oval,City of London @JamesMelville I didn’t vote. I realised I didn’t have enough information and I couldn’t gage the consequences of either side. I was like a cat on hot tin roof that day almost demented in my indecision. With Hindsight Brexit in the hands of the criminally narcissistic makes remain justifiable. #MMT
bad_simile Every wave crash feels like a pessimistic salt shaker that is stuck in a chartreuse tundra and every tin roof pie is virtuous and brisk
APhiladelphiaS1 Jordan PS is specialized in manufacturing different PV Mounting Structures i.e.; Rooftops, Ground Mounted, Car parks, tin roof and tracker systems, and owns its production lines with 300 MW annual capacity. we export our products for more than 48 countries , Keep it Green and Clean with Solar Energy Email : a.abuqurs@philadelphia-solar.com WhatsApp : +962 79 818 7534
Corsair_of_Time Only habitable planet known Trying to get some marking done in office and hard to concentrate with ravens having a jaunty walk across the tin roof Science Teacher, STEM coordinator and car enthusiast. Hoping we can save the planet, views are my own, RTs are not necessarily an endorsement.
bodhijobs new delhi @maryashakil @smitaprakash The sound of cats and dogs fighting on a tin roof...thats how it originated...!!! PPPs, Runner, Animal lover...RTs mean endorsement...
nicholson_gf Missoula, MT Me: I’d like to drift off thinking about nice calming things, like rain on a tin roof 🥰 Brain: best I can do is how you’re going to die alone and unloved Me: ok that’s fine University of Montana J-Schooler ‘20. Reporter/Editor for Native News 2018-2020. Educator. Kootenai. she/her
bad_simile Every river feels like a dangerous spaceship that is found in a cordovan road and every tin roof pie is jaded and cold
voyahora Chicago @maskemane i suddenly brought it up to ciel and i couldnt stop ranting abt how i dont undrestand the desire for tf ass THERE'S NO bottom it's FLAT it's not even ruffled like a tin roof Charlotte - Korean-American - comics and illustration. I have a stubborn love for yugioh and tfs // she/they // RT accnt for: @ykc_cha // icon by @gaybravado
avelinoraina dancing | #BLM RAIN AND A TIN ROOF REALLY DONT GO WELL TOGETHER 😀✌️ @ vibe central w/ david jonathan
chickrawker Changed purses and had receipts from Port of Call and Tin Roof during Carnival. Those were the days.... Being a New Orleanian wherever I am this week. #ArtIsResistance #ArtChangesHeartsWithoutBreakingBodies #ArtIsActionWithoutViolence #Asians4BlackLives
Heather84527254 We fell asleep as lovers do, listening to the raindrops pitter-patter on the old tin roof, hands entwined and souls secretly smiling. #liveoncam #penetration
Aprylismyname And I will sit under my cool 📽️📽️ tin roof without my glasses on, 😷, for you 📽️📽️ Foxies. Rabbit HeART/Red Turtle. Alter ego in chrysalis. Raw creatorship rebuilding. My Spiriteed roots: Dutch–Mohawk & British. Tweet love to all. Bart Heird photo.
poetic_brown Pretoria, South Africa @Pebi_Kb During loadshedding, I find myself rescuing the Tin Roof from melting and then replacing it. Repeat x3. I now avoid that aisle before frozen chips + Tin Roof permanently rearrange my figure🤭 I think, therefore I am.
Yaya_Quily self sufficing solitude a rather large bowl of tin roof ice cream on me lap and 1917 on me teevo 🎬✨🤍🍨. ♊ Daughter to the best mommy | Friend to a few | Stranger to many | Spiritual | A Believer (Christian) | Soft spoken | Introverted | Chuckkles A Lot ♊
Dystopiantics Cat On A Hot Tin Roof is a good movie about how Americans lie to each other and themselves constantly in the interest of politeness and comfort. Don't mistake this as a phenomenon particular to Southern states. Illustrations, cartoons, and murals. Philadelphia idiot (He/Him, Bi) living in Oregon. Marxist-Leninist🛑
LGPurvis655 NC, USA @BenWaBallsMe As a kid, most everyone had a tin roof(and they've made a comeback)........that was the greatest sound........ U S Army 1972-1975, 101st Air Mobile, @DAVHQ Life Member, Retired banking #Love #Believe #Faith #Strength, God is there, be still & listen for His whispers.
jouissancehaver brooklyn, NY Being a cat and getting your toesies burnt on a hot tin roof sounds downright like a bad time they/them. seldom to be taken seriously but never to be taken lightly
UNTBLTLIKEDAT Wherever Da Paper At @Liz_Cheney Hey Tin Roof Lizzie, your party is the one trying to take away health insurance, especially from those with pre-existing conditions. Do us a favor and Cihillin with my wonderful wife
Trenton_H_Burke United Kingdom @myactivebrain @MC372 cat on a hot tin roof...and an ak. A Creative Ronin looking for a master. Advertising | Copywriting Trenton.Burke@gmail.com
1ActualHannah Rain on a tin roof and Lo-fi hip hop beats? Stunning and beautiful, 10/10 would recommend falling asleep to Good lord I might actually have to be an adult soon and I still haven’t figured out being a teen
ianinthornaby Thornaby-on-Tees, North Yorks @RadioGlen Going on bloody caravan holidays and listening to the sodding rain on the tin roof HusbanDad. Professional Food Wrangler. Musichead. MiniDisc enthusiast. Wondering whatever happened to that brighter future we were promised. #bipride
SarahLambertOz Melbourne, Victoria Happiness is making it home before the rain comes, and hearing it steady on a tin roof while you climb into bed. Research: Social Justice - Higher Ed - Technology - Widening Participation. Amplify the good, change is possible. Sustained by music, hope and pugs.
JonoRobinson1 Donald, VIC, Australia @AnthonyCloseKW @kurra_wirra Lying in bed and hearing it on a tin roof! Wimmera Farmer, Husband & Father of three. Passionate about farming & rural life. views are my own.
Ira87554123 @Vf80Viper @ParZevil From early: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The River Rat, Rolling Thunder, Back Roads, Jackson County Jail and The Rainmaker. Full movie The Rainmaker is here ⬇️ All Tommy Lee fans need to see this! TLJ ❤️
Paulgar19290790 @jmr___18 Did you see ," cat on a hot tin roof," with Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor? You will love it.
Phootus1 St Louis, MO @emmaevictoria And they are best enjoyed in a tent, although a tin roof on a house is pretty cool too! Vintage male. Interested in chat with ladies 19+
rchurly8a Zapopan, Jalisco 🎶🎶🎵🎵 And I want to wake up with the rain Falling on a tin roof While I'm safe there in your arms So all I ask is for you To come away with me in the night Come away with me 🎶🎶🎵🎵 Aquí me encargo de librarme de tapujos, ser consciente y crecer. Espíritu libre. #followback
sterlingdeterm1 Washington, D.C. @garyeaton @jimcramer "What's that smell in this room? Didn't you notice it, Brick? Didn't you notice a powerful and obnoxious odor of mendacity in this room?... There ain't nothin' more powerful than the odor of mendacity... You can smell it. It smells like death." Cat on A Hot Tin Roof. Great line!! Federal Prosecutor, U.S. Department of Justice Financial Crimes Doctorate of Law, U.C. Berkeley Personal account. My views do not reflect the views of DOJ.
CheySingleton Dude smoking on my porch and listening to the rain hit the tin roof is *chefs kiss*👌🏼 🤙🏼I lead a life of leisure
benfran98177970 @StephenAtHome And the fact that Ponky is going to have to be onstage, alone with a woman! He’s gonna be more nervous than a cat on a hot tin roof! American Patriot, anti- UnAmerican Republicans, don’t let you Citrus Caligula get your bottom kicked!

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