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Tin roof

Tin roof.

Tweeting on the topic of Tin roof.

ShhhTAdelsberg Elyria, OH You are ALWAYS with us Brent - Love and Miss You! ☮️☮️☮️ ‘Nine mile skid on a ten mile ride, hot as a pistol but cool inside Cat on a tin roof, dogs in a pile Nothin' left to do but smile, smile, smile 1992 OSU Alum - Go Bucks!
bryan_whatapic Knoxville, TN @bensower @ohsethy Love Touch of Evil! And very intrigued by Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Watcher of movies. Elon's #1 Twitter Blue Subscriber. What a Picture Podcast available in the podcast places but snarky quips mostly available here.
SeanBrunton4 Always put the last set of brackets on last on a tin roof. This is because the roof expands and bends a bit from the heat of the sun. Seeking to change my career from Specialized Back up electrical engineering to being a Software developer. Gatvol of the tools. Enjoy cryptography & AI DeVs
NorthWestEnd Manchester #REVIEW - Cat On A Hot Tin Roof at @rxtheatre "sheds new light on the superb writing, packing race, misogyny and sexuality into the steamy Mississippi brew" ***MUST CLOSE THIS WEEK*** We review the best of amateur and professional theatre across the United Kingdom. OffComm assessors - Contact us about your shows - info@northwestend.co.uk
ChaniCares Detroit, MI Bakers, Tin Roof, Cliff Bells, Berts, Old Miami, Willis Show Bar, Lager House, Cafe D’Mongos, Raven’s Lounge, The Magic Bag. And these are venues. Then you have places people just post up and throw shows. Community Organizer. Precinct Delegate. Detroiter. Radio Show Host. United State of Women Ambassador. GLPA Fellow.
ShellieSweets Stone Mountain, GA And… my stomach hurts. Had to take my parasite cleanse. Ion know what the hell made me eat at the Indian spot behind tin roof and Arby’s. Ain’t crap been clean back there in 30yrs. Trap Soul Singer. VeganBae. NEW EP ‘Sweet iNDEED’ On ALL Platforms #LLYUNGDON #LLSM00VE
TEMAcademy Year 10 Performing Arts students were inspired by a performance at the @rxtheatre this week to see 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' Inspiring, thought provoking and tense… what an amazing space! Thank you for having us #atTEMAweREACH #royalexchange The official Twitter account of The East Manchester Academy. A member of @Trust_GMET
severnclayouman Brooklyn, NY My kids spotted a snake up between the tin roof and the rafters of the old ice house- we ended up finding 5-6 more, probably warming up against the metal roof. Don't forget to look up! Architect, lighting designer, dad, stutterer, maker of things, lazy gardener, compost enthusiast, Kentuckian, biker, sailor and boat-builder. He/him
severnclayouman Brooklyn, NY My kids spotted a snake up between the tin roof and the rafters of the old ice house- we ended up finding 5-6 more, probably warming up against the metal roof. Don't forget to look up! Architect, lighting designer, dad, stutterer, maker of things, lazy gardener, compost enthusiast, Kentuckian, biker, sailor and boat-builder. He/him
zgrammyz Blue dot in a Red state @JustinA417 @PensTheName Not to me. I was very young, and the only rental mom could find had a former life as a chicken coop. The rain on the tin roof not only kept us awake but brought back the chicken crap aroma. Gag! Everyone deserves decent affordable housing. #Resistance
AndorianSoup Andoria Prime (UK) @Larkistin89 I read a thing years ago, about how astronauts going to visit the ISS took recordings of heavy rain on a tin roof so they can feel at home, and honestly I think about that all the time #LEGO #StarTrek Brickbuilder • He/Him/40s • Devourer of SCRAN • #RestoreTheBakulaTime • Admin of #SciFiBrickyards • look at my website ⬇️
RedCoachInnNY Niagara Falls, NY Add some theatre to your #NiagaraFalls agenda with a live performance of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, on stage at the Kenan Center May 5-21. Tickets and times can be found at #theatre #vacation Welcome to the very best location in Niagara Falls, New York. The Red Coach Inn overlooks Niagara's majestic Upper Rapids so close you can hear the roar!
13beaterstreet Maryland Eastern Shore @CryptoNova_ Ditto. And a tin roof here. Jeep fanatic. @jeeptopless vintage Shasta, Squares, Woodworker, Tinker..anything outdoors.
CarlsTheBand Charleston, SC Carls! back in action 6/30 at Tin Roof. The band, including Jonathan (unfortunately) will be opening for @olivedaresthed1 and Animalweapon. Strap in. crap’s gonna go down. The smartest-working band in the Lowcountry.
ben_agosta Detroit, MI Shameless plug: My cousins (lead singer and guitarist of YGFCB) will be playing at Tin Roof this Friday (April 28th) at 10pm! If you're looking for something to do after the Tigers game, you should definitely stop by. I know I'm a little biased, but seriously, they're good. Producer for @GangsterPodcast and @spiroavenue (show link below)
neillarson @JeannaTrotmanTV I have a monthly pass for the parking under Tin Roof. Hit me up next time and I’ll move my car to FF. Video | Photo | Drums | Nintendo
Lefty_Layup Brooklyn @3m4dK @1pop09iq @MenaceTaSoci3ty Worked himself to the bone for tin roof shacks that’s not worth crap and if he was here today he’d be pumping my gas Charismatic recluse
sybilsdad Kington Herefordshire @AnneShazzie @riotgrandma72 You mean he acted like a tw*t? His reflex is to imitate a cat on a hot tin roof whenever ‘Jews’ are mentioned. Somebody asked him ‘What jew tink of the Arsenal’ and he went into complete spasm, shouting ‘anti-Semite!’ at Spurs supporters. Owner of wildlife farm on Welsh borders. Atheist. 🧢Old rock n' roller. #TheResistance.#FBR.#FBPE. Real name ‘Colin Boylett’. Blocked by Rudy Giuliani.
kaospheric London ▶️ An alcoholic ex-football player drinks his days away and resists the affections of his wife. A reunion with his terminal father jogs a host of memories and revelations for both father and son: #NowWatching📺 "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" (1958) #Film🎞️ #FilmTwitter🎦 #FilmForever📼 Pronounced Ze-on. 🇮🇪 Wrote for & Insatiable cineaste📽️. Covid took my soulmate @vakarurama while Boris partied.
jimmyskyonline Australia "To hear them tell it, no greater joy could be found than sitting under a tin roof hammered onto exposed beams, watching a subtropical downpour through non-existent walls, and listening to the sound of water thundering onto metal above." ~Freedom Child . . #Novel #writer Singer, actor, writer, dreamer. Weirdo, traveller, fool. New EP 'Banji Mashide' out now on
PyperPerri UK Rain isn't the problem. Not having enough time to sit quietly with a coffee and listen to it drumming on a tin roof, with the smell of that life-giving miracle filling your head, your skin prickling with the chill. That's the problem. - ($5.99 No PPV) Caring, happy, nerdy, a bit potty with 38FF jugs. Guitar, motorbike, embarrassing dancer, swears like a sailor
NickKenny180 Cwmbran @lukeh180 It was very hot, I thought it was the norm, as I’ve never been to one before, and just took it as experience , but then asp and Johnny came off saying the same. So it was a bit different , the venue has a tin roof , so is a greenhouse, was a lovely day outside. Proud Welshman and Dart player 2 x Development Tour winner. 6 time ranking event winner. European youth cup winner 2010 and World Cup Team event winner 2019
mcubedpdx Portland, OR @davidcinema Well, Psycho, of course. But also The Magnificent Ambersons, Parasite, and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Flail about, do more good, cause less harm. Board Secretary, Right 2 Dream Too
keeper2481 Augusta, GA @TriangleGator Honestly I don't know all the areas of Columbia but I'm at Tin Roof. Live band playing a bunch of music older than everyone but me and I'm cool with it..🤣 All about that #SwampLife! Go Gators! Born in Gainesville in the shadows of The Swamp! Proud Union Member. #GoBucs
blondieallen listening to the rain hit my window ac unit and closing my eyes, pretending i’m in a cabin with a tin roof Father, NASCAR & K.Harvick #4 fan!
TheMindWarriorX Ultra MAGA Country I never liked #BudLight because it tasted like water that was runoff from a rusted tin roof mixed with hay from a chicken coop. But I will never drink any @AnheuserBusch Dylan juice again. They betrayed reality and real Americans. #MAGA. #MORBLEU. Reality is under attack, by liberals who worship woke culture. Human history and God are on our side. We will defeat them with our minds.
sicksadke the show I'm working on is Cat On a Hot Tin Roof and they just said the line he/him/his. 23. alleged writer.
itsTunksy Australia 1. Couch co-op, Left4Dead 2 and bulk Pizzas 2. Couch co-op, Halo 3 release day with my bro. 3. Just me, a pizza, cold beverage and Ghost of Tsushima with rain pouring on the tin roof. Aussie 🦘 | Try Hard Gamer 🎮 | Sports 🏈 | Movies 🎬 | Comics 🦸‍♂️ | Coffee ☕ | Travel 🏝 | Kindness is free, spread it ya jerks...
CycleTheWolds Yorkshire Wolds on a bike Lumpy route today and, surprisingly, the longest since August/September. A remodelled 'The Tin Roof Takeaway' (ex 'The Stables') was a welcome stop for a sausage sandwich. Alarmingly, there was no English mustard, so that's something else to stash in the rack bag for next time... Yorkshire Wolds cycling, scenery, wildlife, food & drink, but mostly cycling. Visit my website celebrating the wonderful Yorkshire Wolds Cycle Route and more...
GenNextMD New York, USA @culturaltutor “I’d build a big tall house with rooms by the dozen,Right in the middle of the town.A fine tin roof with real wooden floors below. There would be one long staircase just going up, And one even longer coming down, And one more leading nowhere, just for show!” -If I were a rich man IMRes @UICDOM; @OSUPublichealth; Hypertension+Neph @BWHKidney @MGHKidneys ‘09; @Chicagobooth; @NYACP; #heforshe Let’s make things better! #EPluribusUnum
LizMurrell81 USA There is nothing like sitting in the pouring rain listening to it hit the tin roof above me and drinking beer. Wish all of my Twitter friends could join me. At Harper’s Ferry Brewery RN, CCRN, prefers animals over people, play nice and don’t lie
baronohanlon Hamilton and Toronto @livmusicby NOT mowing the lawn at the farm (it’ll wait) and instead listening to the rain on the tin roof. Cinnamon bun with my coffee as a treat and petting cats Innovator, collaborator, entreprenuer, jack-a-napes and ne'er do well.
paddleandpine Unceded Algonquin Territory Grey and rainy day in town! Only one thing to do - nap in the van with its “tin roof.” Rain always sounds the best in there. 🚐🌧 🌲Go | Do | Be 🌈Trying to eat well, travel lightly, and live slowly while sharing what I learn along the way 📷Insta | PaddleAndPine
jamesxxcc Riverview mi What a blast last night! Good times hanging out with friends and family at Tin Roof in Detroit. @995WYCD @MillerLite @lukecombs #Detroit #GoodVibes #millerlite #lukecombsworldtour I love to draw caricatures for people ✏ martial arts master 👊💥metal head🤘and ex-break dancer 🐛 #HoneycuttDrawMe
rxtheatre St Ann's Square, Manchester Did someone say £10 tickets for CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF? Grab more of our Pay What You Decide Tickets now before they go! 🎭Directed by one of our Joint Artistic Directors, @RAWeiseArtist ✍️Written by Tennessee Williams 🎟️📸 @helenmurraypix Bringing theatre in-the-round and in communities. Upcoming: 🔥CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF 24 Mar - 29 Apr Next: 🥫 NO PAY? NO WAY! 12 MAY - 10 JUN
itskyleromero Austin, TX Discovered this clip of Sienna Miller in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and now I can’t sleep, my mind is humming Known ham. Co-host of MeatCast: A Heathcliff Podcast (@HeathcliffRecap). Artistic Director at @atxsketchfest.
Mark99814806 @cutigs1 You shouldn’t on a tin roof without a large lightning rod that’s why I was attracted to that house and that tree
Bearded_Deuce Thornton, CO And just like the howlin' wolf A couple sips down and it's nothin' but blues Alcohol and rain, now that's what grown men do You keep it one hundred, I keep a hundred proof Cause when the raindrops fallin' on that old tin roof #Daylight #Yelawolf I'm just a dude who tries to do right. You know I try to make my tomorrows better than my yesterdays. Without hurting anyone else in the process. -Murs
Cool_Tough_Guy2 Way Down South in Dixie She didn’t want to spend the night sipping Buffalo Trace, star gazing, playing with the dogs and listening to the rain on the tin roof new account, hacked at 9 followers… Matthew 11:28-30 Waylon Jennings biggest fan
shartgobbler shtwt & edtwt snack while im watching cat on a hot tin roof with my ma and nana😍😍 | cw: 142.6 | gw: 135| hw: 189 | 15 | 5'8
tinrooffaith Who doesn’t love a freebie! Click on this link, and monthly freebies will land in your inbox every month! I’m giving away this particular instant download because it is the heart of Tin Roof Faith, finding joy in the mountains & valleys. 🆓📥✈️
bzachary51 Knoxville, TN @GunnyJ You've make me: Think, Laught, Angry, Sad, Happy, Educated Me, Who the h--l this guy think he is telling me just because I'm a white male I've got it made let him bust coal under a foot of ice and snow to feed a coal stove in a house in a holler, no insulation, tin roof, rats in GO BIG ORANGE
ArtJamz Washington, DC Get ready to sip, paint, and party like Monet never did! Tin Roof-Baltimore is bringing the bubbly with delicious mimosas and ArtJamz painting instructors will be on hand to help you create your own masterpiece inspired by Monet's stunning works of art. Unleash Your Inner Artist!® with ArtJamz® America's original social art studio and lounge. We supply the arty stuff and inspiration, you bring the vision.
yabishh___ Charleston SC last night Tin Roof show was my first (official) DJ performance at a bar/club type crap. so i appreciate all my stoned bottom friends who hyped me and supported me. twas fun muah
GoffGoff27 DAWGNation, GA @TnNationalist Yea- what's in the sky?? 😂🤣 Ok, How 'bout B-52s song 'Love Shack' - now being a UGA fan and a GA girl, I'll get harassed for this one...but I would have bet they were calling out RUSTY over a tin roof! 🤣 If you listen, you'll hear it! GA girl by the grace of God! UGA Dawg at birth! ❤ God, FAMILY, AXactly(son), 🇺🇸, US Military #GoDAWGS #ForTheA #Blackhawks #NFLDawgs #ATLUTD
SchwanderMurphy Strandbar am Ständemeer @kreuzberged Under the tin roof… that summer I lived in St. Petersburg, endless hot summer nights and Lake Ladoga warm like a pool with carribean like surf in fresh water… Alles, was garantiert schiefgeht mit Energie, Stromnetzen, Ökologie, Autos, Flugzeugen, Schiffen, Seilbahnen, Ukraine, Russland. Grünbourgeoiser Salonsozialist.
jay_mfn_jones Tennessee, USA On your way to see @Shinedown tonight at FedEx Forum stop by Tin Roof for the next stop of our Levi’s Farewell Tour. We’ll be rocking the stage from 6:30-9:30 and we’ve got some special guests lined up, No, not Zach Myers, he was busy. #singersongwriter #memphis #entertainer Headbanging Country Music
DallamSchool Milnthorpe, Cumbria This week our GCSE and A Level Drama students went to @rxtheatre to see Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. The performance was set in the round with a revolving stage; it gave students experience of 360 viewing and helped them to understand the demands of performing in this format. Co-ed, state boarding school for 11-19 year olds on the edge of the beautiful Lake District. Our motto is 'Learning for all, learning for life.'
LegendaryLuna New York City @dgregor55 I have a few favorite films of his Fort Apache the Bronx, Paris Blues, The Verdict, Sweet Bird of Youth, The Sting, The Hustler, Cool Hand Luke, and Slap Shot. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is up there too. 👏🏾 🌈Love Will Save the Day 🇵🇷🗽♋📷 Artist @GMHC @visual_AIDS 🏆 Ballroom Icon 👑 Hall of Fame House of Khan #TheLatexBall
LeisureLynxNFT Margaritaville GM Lynx!🐈 What is the most prestigious award a cat can earn? The Purr-litzer Prize😹 What do you call a feline chimney sweep? A cat on a hot tin roof.😹 Hope your feline fine and have a purrfect day 😽! #avax #Avalanche #RealEstate #GM #FridayFeeling 😺 Mystical Island Cat 🏝️ NFT Real Estate Leisure Club 🤝 Donations 4 Kids 🧭 LYNX DAO

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