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Tin roof

Tin roof.

Tweeting on the topic of Tin roof.

mrmccann13 Plattsburgh, NY A strong cup of coffee, the sound of the rain on the tin roof, and the serenity that comes along with sitting out here before anyone else is up. No man is a failure who has friends. King of the Castle at least when the Queen isn’t around. Head Coach of the organized chaos we call our lives. #dadlife
cotesoublette Chile “And I want to wake up with the rain Falling on a tin roof While I'm safe there in your arms So all I ask is for you To come away with me in the night Come away with me” 5:30am y cae fuerte la lluvia en Santiago… Perfectamente imperfecta. Mamá del Juanpi y la Sofi. Orgullosa de lo que digo y lo que hago. May the force be with us. El futuro es femenino.
eVisitorGuide CHI, MKE, STL & Nashville For a fun night of #livemusic, tasty #southern food, cold drinks and #dancing, head to @tinroofstlouis! Live entertainment nightly w/the best local, regional & touring acts. #StLouis #STL #nightlife #bars FREE, curated, mobile-friendly city visitor guides. Everything you need to explore a destination in the palm of your hand!
Rationalleo chennai @JhaSanjay So why then are you jumping up and down like a cat on hot tin roof,Jha? Technology Business Professional (retd)
Kayes50 Charlotte, NC USA @MovieEndorser Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. The Long Hot Summer. Butch and Sundance Ok, now I'm 57 but I'm still fun, & fabulous, dahlings! I like hanging out & having pina coladas with my friend Dobby! But I still love the Malfoy boys!
JanuaryMovie Hollywood, CA Favorite? One above the others? Too hard. But Young Paul is Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Mature Paul is Road to Perdition. I just want people to be happy. I love animals. Try to avoid politics as I’m here to talk movies but sometimes it happens. she/her #vaxxed #Moderna #ally
AmyTheus4 Here. @MovieEndorser 1. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 2. The Long Hot Summer 3. The Hustler 4. Absence of Malice 5. Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid I'm me. I love movies. That's all. she/her
markbrittmusic1 Chicago, IL @Laurenceclermo1 @CJLeBlanc And don't forget silver daddy @CJLeBlanc. Man on a Hot Tin Roof. I love teaching music using Orff, Kodaly, & Dalcroze. Diving a big CANNONBALL into #STEAM & #eSports. Comments are my own and do not represent my employer.
Nati_Sports Cincinnati, OH @DrunkBengalsfan Dude is living his best life I love it 🤣🤣🤣 And hold up, does that girl play at Tin Roof down there? #Reds / #Bengals fans | 0 affiliation with both organizations | … | News, Updates, et al. | We tweet what most won’t.
wakeup24793592 australia @travelanita1 No matter the storm . She finds the pleasure. . Rain drops on a tin roof. The sudden crack of thunder . The whip of a spark across the night sky . . This is natural beauty. And he sees it in her just like he sees it on the storm . . Wakeup is about finding your feet in the world . With regular blogs . We at wakeup aspire to conect the awoken with there own kind
garrethmcdaid Leitrim, Ireland @AbolishDirect @Huw1968 @ThoughtsToby @Dorsbee @WINNEREVERYTIM2 We don't have thousands of empty houses that are habitable or close to the services and supports that people require. You can't put a family of Somalis in a run down farmhouse with a tin roof in rural west Clare, even if the State had the legal means to acquire it. #Bitcoin
barry_dawkins12 @RyansCardssLLC You all know he spent 60 cents on the dollar for these cards and will charge 120. It doesn’t matter because you sheep will say “take” quicker than a cat on a hot tin roof. Don’t hate the player, hate the game Card Collector and Seller
_AndroidAsh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 @Enter_Apps @ShoutRTs @Pulse_Rts I use rain/thunder sounds, of all kinds such as general, tin roof, tent etc. My main source is the pretty popular YouTube channel of @PureRelaxing It really helps me to relax and fall to sleep much faster than without 😌 #GotRoot 💚 Android Super User - ROMs/Root/Customisation - Home Screens | Occasional Memes | Music from Avril Lavigne, Dorothy & Paramore 🫶🏼 #OnePlus #Pixel
AutieTeleDex Lancashire, UK - he/him @hassaan97 Nervous about giving a proper greet and stroke, but the tin roof is his favourite spot and I always notice him lying down or licking himself. 26, cis gay cub. BA TV+Film 🎓. Script Mentee. Playwright/Lyricist. #ActuallyAutistic. #TERFsforkOff. #BLM
in3mailwetrust @AntwaunClark30 You African-Americans only offered me two Lex eaters and free wings at tin roof Pronouns he/their bc I’m not one of them African-Americans u be fw #freemic. Link in bio
dcorsetto Shepherdstown, West Virginia This video is kinda creepy and not really worth watching, but I recorded it for the 🔊GOOD TIN ROOF RAIN SOUNDS🔊 in my attic! Also that’s the casket at the end between the windows ENJOOOOOYYY Cartoonist. Girl Scout. Tea lush. she/they/y'all
Makgotli I’m such a tin roof fan 😭😭. I bought the stracciatella ice cream (which is delicious by the way).. and every time I eat it I sprinkle cinnamon and add some wholenut chocolate 😓 What's cookin Goodlookin 👩🏽‍🍳
cowerme England @MistressNikita Saw him in Cat on a hot tin roof, he was electric. He’s not an enthusiastic movie actor and if you’ve seen on stage you’ll know why. Submissive, loyal, obedient and in need of strict training.
amandaB33437544 @400OTD @Jules0564 @DjokerNole @Wimbledon Now you're jumping from one topic to another like a cat on a hot tin roof. Weren't we at anger outbursts? I told you I have no problem with showing frustration as long as nobody gets hurt. And as I said, intent definitely must be taken into consideration. Forget about doing the good thing, do the right thing!
eVisitorGuide CHI, MKE, STL & Nashville For a fun night of #livemusic, tasty #southern food, cold drinks and #dancing, head to @tinroofstlouis! Live entertainment nightly w/the best local, regional & touring acts. #StLouis #STL #nightlife #bars FREE, curated, mobile-friendly city visitor guides. Everything you need to explore a destination in the palm of your hand!
aeydelossantos Quezon City, National Capital Rain. Heavy rains. Thunder and lightning. The sound rains make hitting the tin roof. Dragon. Cancer. Pluviophile. Fragile. Smile is always the best disguise. Random posts.
taxizumkl0 studio 2054 @danasfox i feel like williams is just always better onstage and i know they did this with cat on a hot tin roof (i forget if they did it with streetcar but wouldn't surprise me), but they probably cut out a lot of the gay subtext in the movie 😭
Cryptic_1322 Alberta, Canada @_HatesItHere Hard to find good skilled labors right now. If it was my building, I would go tin roof, as they go up so fast and are easier to maintain. But again, you would need Tin Smiths.. a rare skill set now a days. Truth Seeker, Crypto Investor, Motor sports, 3rd degree Rin Jiu-jitsu and IPSC Shooter. DO NOT RANDOMLY FOLLOW ME, I WILL BLOCK YOU !
_marielle_2807 -.- I can hear you my Roggenrola, your flirtation feels like wet fur, your ambidexterity shines like the calm drift of smoke above the rage and fire of battle. I love you like rain on a tin roof All tweets are written by a Bot. Love letters and Pokémon. #twitterbots #poetry #loveletters #Pokémon Made by @MarisNaledi
RockingJamboree Swamp Lake Park @ChrisFrantzTTC You say WHAT⁉️ “Tin Roof…rusted.” The B-52’s are a phenomenal band. Obviously, Cindy is instrumental to their success. I contend that her talents have at times been overshadowed by Kate, Fred, her own hair, and the band’s fabulosity. I suppose that comes with being a POP ICON Rockin’ Rusty Rogers: Singer/Songwriter, Comedian, Satirist, Christian Elder and Pundit 🤟🥸✌️Here to help (But It ain’t helping). *#Interrobang⁉️* #RRR
MelanieJaxn “I find her anecdotes more efficacious than sheep-counting, rain on a tin roof, or alanol tablets.... you will find me and Morpheus, off in a corner, necking.” ― Dorothy Parker I'm a writer of cozy mysteries and romance. Away from work, I love gardening, animals and vintage art. Visit me at
DCTitansFans Washington, DC @AustinHuff Imagine the 19,843,211 time you hear, "Your what? Tin Roof. Rusted!" and pretend that you don't want to destroy galaxies Washington DC fans of the @Titans. Game watch parties at @LousCityBar.
millialani she/he/they Want scented candles but there's like no time I can ever use them bc I'd need to turn off the fan and literally who wants to sit under a tin roof in a tiny room without the goddamn fan on in a tropical country. Near a forkin fire. Mishka or Mumu . 18+/problematic content . head full of Jiang Cheng . JC antis will be blocked . All of my ships are top JC . DMs are always open!
haage_summane India @SadhuMaharaj16 He was calling Sharad Pawar as the real Chanakya and Bhishma Pitamaha of Indian Politics who can teach a lesson or two to Amit Shah. He couldn’t hide his glee on that day. Now he’s behaving like a cat on a hot tin roof.. Cyclist, Gym, food , family , cricket and music . #RCB #PlayBold *Hum wohi hai jo Pooh ko dubaara mudke nai dekha*
ranabottt I live in a house with a tin roof and, every time it rains, I can feel my brain; it's moving back and forth, upside-down, east-west, feeling and remembering, everything you do. frequently bought together with @zipperhuman
eVisitorGuide CHI, MKE, STL & Nashville For a fun night of #livemusic, tasty #southern food, cold drinks and #dancing, head to @tinroofstlouis! Live entertainment nightly w/the best local, regional & touring acts. #StLouis #STL #nightlife #bars FREE, curated, mobile-friendly city visitor guides. Everything you need to explore a destination in the palm of your hand!
LeVieuRambo @TinseltownTwins, I tried to watch "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" for a while on my flight from Brussels to Kinshasa. All I saw was a young boy waving the Confederate flag and black actors playing the help. And Liz's faked southern accent was truly annoying. Big thumbs down. An Immigrant, A Transplant. I am unapologetically Black.
barfalloveryouu Chicago, IL I can’t say that I’ve ever felt like a cat on a hot tin roof but I can say I have felt like Garfield for I hate mondays and enjoy Italian food carson’s official Twitter account
lifewmya Dawg me and Zanae used to really be at Tin Roof every other weekend 😭 Capricorn ♑️
m_rimmer @Wynonna Old tin roof, leaves in the gutter A hole in the screen door big as your fist And flies on the butter
f_moliveira São Paulo, Brasil @tcm Ohhhh please, include this kind of thing in brazilian TCM. Here we only have GWTW and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Include us too, please 🥹 Looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses. 26 anos, amo uns filmes velhos (especialmente os do Gregory Peck e os do Gary Cooper). @mktcinema_acao 💕
BuzzardFart Ballplay, Alabama @JCase0071 @DefMon3 And than again it may be a tin roof of a long barn? Hard to tell. Auburn Fan, Pittsburgh Penguins Fan, Night Owl, Beer Lover, Pro-Gun, Pro-Choice, Southern Democrat, Native Botany, Ecology, Farm Architecture, USAF Veteran.
passtheyaoi @grahalover420 i really enjoyed my time at tin roof. i know you put in a lot of effort to help bring that event to fruition and i know you help a lot around the br scene and i would like to appreciate that. also i enjoy reading your stories of trans joy and small milestones in your transition / BLM / 💜@faekaitlyn💜 / {they/them} 🏳️‍⚧️ / median statistics enjoyer / quiet and boisterous and braggadocious
xtineengels cambridge, ma @ltoiaivao i use an app for this! it’s called “better sleep” and has lots of natural sounds to play and keeps going til you turn it off. i usually pick a couple rain ones and layer them and also it’s fun bc there’s like “rainstorm” “city rain” “rain on tin roof” and i love OPTIONS hi i like books for 4 yr olds | associate editor @ candlewick | sleepy taurus | she/her
BrainChuma had tiramisu cake and tin roof ice cream like an hour ago, now my stomach is fighting me 🥴 The eyes Chico. They never lie... Roll forever @craigforeversb x Ante Vos
bad_simile Every tornado feels like a smokey vile of poison that is freed in a cordovan chapel and every tin roof pie is virtuous and windy
priondisease loving me is complicated @iulusion Isnt it..im super excited to get to see inside and show u and jones!! The backyard has a tin roof spot and bro smoking there in the rain in a THUNDERSTORM bruhhhh it’s alistar. you can take this mushroom? 25/ post-binary/ mulatto princex / ALL pronouns homie!! 🪓🦠🍋🦺🛰🐳💒💸 18+ pls/USA IS KILLING ME + U
fni_a On Tuesday 21/6/22 We listened to Anna Senior, who spoke about working as a costume designer for movies and theatre productions. She also designed costumes for ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ and ‘The Governor’s Family’
GobletEcho184 USA @AminStereo @hbomaxmovies @hbomax U know, you’d probably have to Google her and her movies…because I’m more familiar with him, and I don’t think she was as “big” as him…so I know him from movies like Cat On A Hot Tin Roof more…which I’d highly recommend (w/Liz Taylor) if u haven’t seen it! Jesus is my Lord&Savior.Potterhead and #Swiftie
GobletEcho184 USA @MissDarkFaerie @hbomaxmovies @hbomax Yeah…I’ve seen some of his work…I recommend Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, with Elizabeth Taylor!!! It’s sexy even w/o sex scenes, (bc of the time period) lol… a lot of sexual tension, sweat, lol, but just great acting, direction and a great script! ❤️ Jesus is my Lord&Savior.Potterhead and #Swiftie
HFTP Global HFTP and the @AAHOA have partnered with an allied agreement, connecting the two leading #hospitality associations. 🤝 To celebrate, the groups are hosting a HITEC YP #Networking Event on Tues, 6/28 at Tin Roof Orlando as part of #HITEC. 🎉 Read more here: Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals (HFTP®) is an international, professional association with events and members worldwide. Producers of HITEC®.
dri_kali Big thanks and shout out to #SDRF team who promptly came to the rescue of a pup left alone to die outside by owners on a tin roof with no way down or up. I called 101 and immediately a team helped. Thank you for the great response @sdma_assam #Guwahati #AnimalCruelty Free thinker
eVisitorGuide CHI, MKE, STL & Nashville For a fun night of #livemusic, tasty #southern food, cold drinks and #dancing, head to @tinroofstlouis! Live entertainment nightly w/the best local, regional & touring acts. #StLouis #STL #nightlife #bars FREE, curated, mobile-friendly city visitor guides. Everything you need to explore a destination in the palm of your hand!
acousticsorg Listening to raindrops over the ocean surface using a hydrophone is analogous to listening to rain under a tin roof. How can the underwater sounds of raindrops be used as a rain gauge for weather and climate? Find out in #AcousticsToday: @UW @uhmanoa Acoustical Society of America official Twitter account To generate, disseminate and promote the knowledge and practical applications of acoustics.
HRedpigs Glasgow, Scotland @kejamieson_ @RebeccaRideal Wait until you’re in the Falklands at MPA and the turkey vultures are stomping all over the tin roof. Bloody things could carry off a small human. Royal Navy Reserve MOS, former RN WO1 Medic. Commando, Parachutist, Submariner, Diver Medic. Love a badge, love a medal.

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