you say people are fake , but your the fakest one 💯😴

you say people are fake , but your the fakest one 💯😴

nicofornara Varese, Lombardia
Fake Italian Food - The Top Six @10217_00 in Uk last year

@KishaJackson14 Im in my feelings but youre defending your cousin against a fake acct.

I unfollow anyone who retweets fake news. #PutinsPuppet #TreasonousTrump

How can someone have a mental breakdown and 2 mins later go back to work. Obviously fake

thetaleofalan Mule Mountains, AZ
Fake Or Real? How To Self-Check The News And Get The Facts

The Intercept: A Clinton Fan Manufactured Fake News That MSNBC Personalities Spread to Discredit WikiLeaks Docs

NOT KIDDING! Serial Liar Brian Williams Blames “FAKE NEWS” For Hillary’s Loss On MSNBC Last Night [VIDEO]…
fake, degree, marriage
CTA_Baldy Wave Surfing
I could tell that love is fake

shassietim London, England
I have used 2 fake tans and im still pale. No no no! Im sueing

Wish I had a cute group of girl friends to dress up in Christmas outfits with just to get drunk and take cute pics.. too bad y'all fake af

Women might be ablelto fake orgasms, but men can fake whole relatsonships.

CommonSenseUSA3 United States
@ArthurEMeyerIV @CelebrateTheWin Bias is an issue in academia. Human bias doesn't disappear with a degree smh lol

@CBSNews Which means this whole fake story was another fake news hoax from MSM

crtconsu The Internet
If t***p and trolls yell "fake news", it must be credible and true.

Fake News Push is New McCarthyism: via @YouTube

captamerisam i love matt
im writing down everyone's name in my notes so when i talk abt it i dont sound fake

RtTwu Philadelphia, PA
There's no Russian collusion, that all part of the fake dream disinformation.

mysteria1012 Sterling, VA
Joe: Fake news isn't what determined election via @msnbc

JLaneMcMahon Portsmouth, RI
@realDonaldTrump @CNN You might want to tell KellyAnne to stop spreading that "fake news". She's the one who announced it, asswipe.

8 Times Hillary Clinton Pushed Fake News

Not All “Fake News” is Fake: The Death of Independent Journalism via @YouTube

I hate fake people

Soozy NC
Trump BASHES media for reporting 'fake news' that Kellyanne Conway told them

When momma asks me if my real nails are fake nails lol yaaasss girl 💅

sohali2012 New York, USA
Fake News: MSNBC Host Falsely Claims Fox News Held Christmas Party at Trump's D.C. Hotel - Breitbart @BreitbartNews

Alyssapowernaps jc's pants
R u a virgin? — waiting till marriage ;)

FMUniversity Nashville, TN
"'#hotness'… is not a determining factor when it comes to relationship satisfaction nor longevity." #FMUDNA

TopsachinYadav Searching......
Sometimes, I'm so convincing, I forget my smile is fake.

keyr0h Texas, USA
@JHersheyFitness You know MSM stole the term fake news, that was being applied to them for awhile now? They're trying to save themselves.

Created: 10 Dec 2016