I would make Airsoft legal, and subsidise paintball. For a start.

@EnvironPlan @actgovernment I would make Airsoft legal, and subsidise paintball. For a start.
@tomEurosport yeah he did as did Pepe for example. In terms of performance, he wasnt even close to best player in both respective teams, no?
wittich Hannover, Germany
E2V Technologies says agrees on terms of Teledyne Tech offer
People need less than a week to earn $770 with binary! Legal making money has never been so fast and easy Check my info @BillBsquared @Aplus
Legal Terms Explained
GCC_legal kuwait
We’re moving into a #digital world, but will money follow that trend as well? #Cryptocurrency
Is there a difference between tenants in common and joint tenants? If so, what is it?
HoroFootball A football horoscopes bot by @ChelseaStats
Scorpio - Mars in Taurus makes you come to terms with the excessive cost of televised football
Legal Terms Explained
gjacqui London
Government revises Care Act guidance after Supreme Court loss
Jobza Jozi
@Gustav_Ndaba A colleague from India at ANN7 (before I quit) explained that it is a centuries long raging battle between the two nations.
Thousands of people have backed a Brexit legal challenge to find out if Article 50 is reversible
princetarzan ÜT: 0.3548568,32.5894487
And they aren't cheap () Not sure if African countries have them done locally.
DarraghMcKenna Dublin City, Ireland
@mrjaydeeem @Nir_Kahn not a fighter plane. Or in better terms not named after a fighter plane
m_van_g European Union
New recommandations to national courts in relation to the initiation of preliminary ruling proceedings before CJEU
charity_moraa KENYA
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist The Sacred Geometry Behind It All - Sacred Geometry Explained
Rosmoffat Edinburgh, Scotland
(DWP) spent £30-50 million a year applying sanctions, £200 million monitoring the terms it set for job seekers.....…
Making big money every month is now real with Binary Options. This is the legal platform to work on. Check my info @granpeco @worldtribunepk
usaidassist_ Michigan Lansing, Hewes St
TPEassist: mariamountains Hi Maria, as we have explained we don't have access to your case on Social Media. Please contact our customer rel…
Halfnhav Oakland, CA
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Language of Functions in Mathematics - Terms, Symbols & Phrases of
_KimB94 Swansea, Wales
This year has been such a stress in terms of money
RIPTIDE (Jake Lassiter Legal Thrillers Book 5) by Paul Levine #rt2gain #teamfollowback #followback #f4f
Tomsfanclub Following Tom
We will shoot any female that is on speaking terms with Tom.
eli_luzac London, England
Most importantly: “There have been improvements in morale due to firm ­technology investment.” #thelawyer #legaltech
abhaybxr New Delhi, India
@IBM dear IBM look into d matter asap or be ready to face it in a legal way
ZAYN - Drunk (Lyrics) via @YouTube make this legal.quick or i don't wanna live forever
EU_Aluminium Brussels
.@GerdGotz in today's Morning Trade on #ChinaMES: the transition to a new methodology causes "legal uncertainty and…
Legal Terms Explained
chuckentine washington
how is it legal to be so beautiful #FFXV #PS4share
Military intelligence is a contradiction in terms. ― Groucho Marx
terrorwatchdog London
New post for law students (and others): latest cases on terrorism/surveillance, + @IBAnews webcast
gjacqui London
Bitter inheritance dispute reaches the Supreme Court - Marilyn Stowe Blog
#barely legal lesbian teen irani girls thighs pics

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