Scarlett is by far the funniest girl I've ever fucking met I don't know how she does it

Scarlett is by far the funniest girl I've ever fucking met I don't know how she does it

blackmbn Coventry UK
@Virgos_Haircut how far is it to walk?

"how is it possible," he says, "that I'm this close to you and it's killing me that you're still so far away?"

pugloverandy Orlando, FL
it is baffling how far this man has made it in life

Lets play how many stop signs will Morgan run today bc she's not It paying attention??? Answer is 2 so far
How Far is it?
@CherokeeBlueTP We need a counting of who is actually behind recound, who donated & how much to it & where the mone…

BILE_TWEETZ South Africa, Gauteng
How far is Mamelodi West from Menlyn? My supervisor showed me a sphatlho from Nkukhu Box and it's been on my mind for a day now😔

Office Everywhere
@Wolrag_ How is he getting along with it so far?

MiamiRadioBeast The State of Miami
@38_Roc @DDSoFla @Starbucks My starbucks is never cold because it tells you how far away you are and how long it takes to make order

lightncompmag Global
How far the destination is... he does not have any idea about it. Even though, the little boatman is moving with...

kalmgirl Manchester, England
@supremeber90 It really adds up to me, I'm loving this so far. I find it so interesting how it's still unclear who the antagonist is

Barbara4u2 Los Angeles, CA
Bottom line: if you think being naked is an achievement, put it on your resume, see how far "is naked under clothes" takes you.

TheeOSU90s TheShoe!!
@MsMoochelle show how far @ESPNCleveland is behind @923TheFan you screw up on the FAN you're gone ESPN CLE it's okay.

FoodTruckFuck Hell
Pursue Your Dreams No Matter How Far Of A Reach It Is

Skwambanesilenc Hazyview
If I went to school with you meaning attended the same classes. Is it okay for me to ask you now. How far is your life progress now.

laraseligman Washington, DC
@TXVB @Cyberarms actually #F35 is working fine, USMC and AF love it so far

mattsimplythat London, England
@ebonyday1 is it How Far I'll Go from the new Disney film Moana? PLEASE DO IT 😁😁😁

LucindaEvans_ Birmingham, England
tbh I love garlic bread but I think the stuff about it online is gonna end up going too far. Like how it did with chicken nuggets and stuff

CrashingCairo detroit, mi
Let's see how far we can go without looking it up! Chime in!! Oh the weather outside is....
Find out how far it is between any two cities.
@OriginalFunko how many pop variations have you made since it started? As in, if i wanted to collect EVERY pop made so far, what is that #?

entirety while also having really clever lyrics. With "How Far I'll Go," despite loving the refrain so much. Like it is truly amazing.

I hate to admit it, but "How Far I'll Go" doesn't beat "Let it Go." Despite it's overhyped status, Lei It Go is good throughout the

_CyberBirdie_ The capital wasteland
Oh and incase any of you were wondering how much of gen 7 I've played so far... Haven't even started it as rowlet…
how far is it
itsonlywords Washington
@Joi_the_Artist How cold is it there? It's 40 degrees in Snohomish...not *that* far away.

kosh_1 beside myself.
what is immediately striking is 'immediate'. I wonder how far it can be extended. #RHI

I have 45 words done on my final so far.. it has to be between 1,000-1,250.... how appropriate is it to quit at this point?

wefagidrisx Brighton, England
how. the. fuck. was this allowed to be published? i get it's the sun and all that, but this is too far, even for th…

theAdamGreen Phoenix, Arizona
@AndrewJLammel How far off do you think they are? Is the ship sinking or is it just a bit off course?

D3rachi 4253-3482-4346
@SquirtleSquad7 I'll say a lot of the magic is in how they've released it so far. Putting out new levels month after months has kept me

@Courtney_POW lolol i will one day. and how far is that one from tamarac? i didn't think it was that far like 20 mins

Created: 12 Dec 2016