🤖EVENT: We're teaming up w/ for an awesome evening talking future of work + Tickets 👉…

FoundersAS Copenhagen
🤖EVENT: We're teaming up w/ @Nordic_ai @AiCopenhagen for an awesome evening talking future of work + #AI. Tickets 👉…
ftaiwo Lagos, Nigeria
“When You Reach For The Stars, It’s The Reaching That Matters” — @Jonwestenberg
I just published “RE: ‘I don’t like talking politics. It never goes anywhere, but it ruins relationships.’”
Was this guy handed right wing talking points and then told to write a piece of Trump propaganda to…... via @medium
@RuneScape I've been getting nothing but medium prismatic stars for the past 4 weeks off of treasure hunter
bbylayya 580
big medium small tall it does not matter to me.. win or lose I wake up wishing upon all stars that a bitch would try it
johnwalling Seattle, WA
Hilal Isler lays waste to astrology zodiac signs
efeng Menlo Park
@joshelman @HOLLAR @Medium done! but let's first discuss the talking points on @houseparty.
NSDelToro Monterey, CA
The Case for Talking to Users in the Age of Big Data – Medium This is worth a read.
garagecabinetu1 United States
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results_cheer United States
Medium Senior 5 Final Results #BUTBT 1. The Stingray All Stars Peach 2. Top Gun All Stars Miami Lady Jags
@CelesDavis2 @TheDemocrats @Medium alt left always talking about something but never doing and then blaming mainstream americans
indoorgrillusa United States
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Stammy San Francisco, CA
Great refresher on the importance of qualitative design research for any engineer, PM, designer, CEO... 📝…
@Eyes_On_It_All @StevePayaslian I have no idea what you are talking about, but could you please retweet?
#NHL #Hockey Dallas #Stars Reebok Size Small/medium Youth Tyler Seguin #Jersey #Dallas
Talking_Pain We live on for now
Life as a backseat driver when #pain is driving requires planning every detail #paintalks
Doctor_Trent Everywhere you want to be
But it doesn't matter the size. I've had some excellent ones from small and medium sized ones. I'm talking down right amazing.
Hire n Book for your venues parties events@ThemeParty @PsychicReginaS 👁 astrology@Psychic medium…
LeeStecklov Toronto, Canada
@sanguit the we're going to be talking about the digital revolution in a different way
MassDPolitics Hollywood, CA
@ParentofSam1 @DavidTa84534406 @USA_First_2016 @kurteichenwald @Medium @washingtonpost What treason are you talking about?
gbyeraggedyman check out the shop
○ #DoctorWho ○ Doctor Who: Medium 9" Weeping Angel Talking Plush NIB
BigBlake10 Bronx, NY
The #packers are putting the boot to #Seahawks medium style right now. I guess Aaron Rodgers knew what he was talking about #NFL
GeriBAnderson GA
@SubalternYouth @rencal4 @marceelias @HillaryClinton @Medium I really am tired of talking to crazy ass folk with crazy ass opinions.
#Nosedive is available now on #Netflix. Remember to give it 5 stars. (As long as you give yourself 5 stars too)…
bkitchenstorage United States
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VarsityAllStar Instagram: @VarsityAllStar
Top Gun All Stars Lady Jags - L5 Medium Senior 🐯 #BUTBT
VarsityAllStar Instagram: @VarsityAllStar
The Stingray All Stars Marietta Peach - L5 Medium Senior #BUTBT
AppletonTech Milwaukee, WI
@CBSSports Class act. In a medium where the young announcers, think they're part of the event, Verne let the events do the talking.
Radioroger Nationwide
TV Talking heads are killing the medium by OVERREACHING in search of what is now a very NARROW PATH to relevance @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews

Created: 12 Dec 2016