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The unofficial guide to cladding your home with colorbond.

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Colorbond your Home

Colorbond your Home?

Before …

Artist's Impression of new design …

Where we are today …
Finally we have the top two panels in place. These proved to be enormously difficult due to the over hanging eaves which prevented us from using our standard pulley hoist system.
It's hard to tell from this picture but there are 3 colours of colorbond in use here. The top-left and bottom-right quadrants are in Shale, the opposite quadrants are in Surf Mist and the vertical median is Windspray.

Why would you colorbond your home?

Well, for a start you might have a home that is as ugly as ours!
Or you might be looking for a relatively low cost way to re-clad your house.

If you are going to start doing this kind of thing, the first thing you need is an up-to-date Will. And you can do that at a very reasonable price here … Make Your Own Will.

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